Transcend Air

LEOTAUR team works closely with Transcend Aero to help build their Ecosystem. Our work covers helping mobilize investment in Transcend Air as well as identify potential partners who could join the ecosystem as Tier1s and Tier2s.
LEOTAUR Infinity has been assigned to scout for partners in India while LEOTAUR International is focused more on Sales of Transcend Air to potential customers – Commercial as well as Defence.

Some of the Key Features of the Transcend Air are mentioned below:

  • Speed: 660 Km/hr (3x faster than a Helicopter)
  • Range: 804 Km/ 500 Miles
  • Ceiling: 6096 Mts/20,000 ft
  • Safety: Whole frame parachute
  • All – Weather: Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI)
  • Accessible: Wheelchair Accessible
  • Affordable: 50% Lower variable cost per km vs. Bell 407 GXP
  • Fuel: Jet Fuel / Green Fuel
  • Engine: 1x GE Aviation Engine (Commercial Vy 400); 2 x GE Aviation Engine (Defence Vy 480)
  • Avionics: USA & Indian origin
  • Configuration: 5 Seater + 1 Pilot (VIP); 7 Seater + 1 Pilot (Economic)

Available from 2026 onwards.