Transcend Air

LEOTAUR team works closely with Transcend Aero to help build their Ecosystem. Our work covers helping mobilize investment in Transcend Air as well as identify potential partners who could join the ecosystem as Tier1s and Tier2s. LEOTAUR Infinity has been assigned to scout for…


One of the first success of LEOTAUR team was the signing of the agreement between JAUNT Air Mobility (as the OEM) and L&T Technology Services (as the Engineering Service Provider) for the JAUNT Journey program. More details of the deal:


LEOTAUR International is a global level partner for UASystem with the partnership covering investments, ecosystem buildup, manufacturing and product sales. There are two product lines from UASystems:

AWE India Ltd.

LEOTAUR International is the Channel Partner and AfterSales Service provider for AWE India Ltd for several markets. The product line includes: AWE India Limited is one of the seven Defence Public Sector Units formed by converting the erstwhile Ordnance Factory Board of India. It…

Troop Comforts Ltd.

Troop Comforts Ltd. is a Govt. of India enterprise Life Cycle Clothing (LCC), Extreme Cold Climate Items (ECC), Special Clothing & Mountaineering Equipment (SCME), Supply Drop Equipment (SDE), Water Storage Equipment, Covers, Tentages, Leather Items, Arrester Barrier, General Stores, etc for Defence Services and…

JAUNT Air Mobility

1st Customer: JAUNT Air Mobility